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PressPlay Lifestyle Inspired

Hosted by: Jackie Ann Schwabe

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S1 Episode 179 - Interview with Style Coach Shelly Molaschi

Season #1 Episode #179

Style Coach and Wardrobe Consultant Shelly Molaschi Making a Powerful First Impression You’ve got 3 seconds; so you better get it right! Shelly Molaschi, a style coach and wardrobe consultant will give her TOP FIVE...
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S1 Episode 178 - Interview with Singer Dallas Walker

Season #1 Episode #178

Dallas Walker has been plucking the six-string since his earliest days, but his ever-changing sound has taken quite a turn since he first found his voice. Dallas began his musical journey in church, where he fell in...
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S1 Episode 177 - Interview with Chris Shelton founder of Morning Crane Healing Arts Center and the author of Qigong for Self-Refinement

Season #1 Episode #177

Chris Shelton is dedicated to improving the consciousness of ALL people.  His motto “If I can do it.  YOU can too!  Chris Shelton has dedicated his life to boosting health, happiness, and healing-transformations. Over...
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S1 Episode 176 - Interview with Jeffrey Rasley - Author

Season #1 Episode #176

Jeff Rasley has been organizing and leading Himalaya Trekking since 1998.  You can find more about Jeff, author/writing coach/book publisher, at Check out Amazon to find one of his many book...
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S1 Episode 175 - Interview with Singer / Songwriter - Josh Gallagher

Season #1 Episode #175

Josh Gallagher writes songs destined to root themselves inside your brain and bring you back to the first moment you heard them, every time you listen; he’s not just making music, he’s crafting memories. Doggedly...
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S1 Episode 174 - Interview with Singer / Songwriter - John Michael Ferrari (and Pepper)

Season #1 Episode #174

John Michael Ferrari writes songs about his life experiences and the experiences of others. His music speaks to us; the message or story in the song; things we can relate to. ​ John’s album, “Be the Smile on Your...
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S1 Episode 173 - Interview with Author Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh

Season #1 Episode #173

Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh's books Eden: The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666 and Antichrist: The Cloned Image of Jesus Christ are eschatology and theology best sellers. She and her research are featured on the History...
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S1 Episode 172 - Welcome to Day 7 of the 7 Day Beat Procrastination Challenge

Season #1 Episode #172

Hello former procrastinator! Can you believe it? Today we’re wrapping up our seven-day exploration of procrastination and ways to beat it. I hope you’ve found these tips and strategies helpful and are busy...
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S1 Episode 171 - Welcome to Day 6 of the 7 Day Beat Procrastination Challenge

Season #1 Episode #171

After a few days of dealing with external distractions and influences, it’s time to change our look inward. More specifically, it’s time to start paying attention to those two little voices in your head and the...
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S1 Episode 170 - Welcome to Day 5 of the 7 Day Beat Procrastination Challenge

Season #1 Episode #170

Hello Habit Breaker! Yesterday we talked about dealing with people and things that try to derail our efforts to beat procrastination. Today I’m back with another tool for your toolbox. Accountability can help you...
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S1 Episode 169 - Welcome to Day 4 of the 7 Day Beat Procrastination Challenge

Season #1 Episode #169

Today I’m back to talk with you about some of the pitfalls when it comes to staying productive and avoiding procrastination. You start strong and are doing well, then something happens, or a close friend or colleague...
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S1 Episode 168 - Welcome to Day 3 of the 7 Day Beat Procrastination Challenge

Season #1 Episode #168

Yesterday I shared my simple strategy for knowing exactly what to do with you to stop procrastinating. Today I’m back with seven simple hacks or hands-on tips. Try one, try them all and use them whenever you need a...
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